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BEE Verification Preparation

B.R.A.W OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS adopts the most proficient economic empowerment rating preparation methodology to provide a reliable opinion on the economic empowerment status of companies. This assists companies in identifying and understanding their own, unique empowerment status, risks and opportunities. Included in our new approach, we have expanded the choice of verification agencies in order to provide the client with comfort on the verification they desire to appoint.


DTI and Sector Charter Verifications

B.R.A.W OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS appoints the most proficient Verification Agencies to conduct a reliable BEE verification audit. A public rating evaluates the BEE status of companies based on:


  • Direct Empowerment (Ownership and Management Control)
  • Human Resources Development (Employment Equity and Skills Development)
  • Indirect Empowerment (Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Social-Economic Development)
  • Operational capacity

Verifications provide procurement officers, financiers and licensing organisations with an independent assessment of the BEE status of a potential beneficiary. An SMME rating provides information on the direct empowerment status of the entity being rated, as well as an assessment of its operational capacity.

Private Assessments

A private assessment can be undertaken by a company without the commitment to release the rating to the public. It allows the rated entity to evaluate their existing status and implement corrective measures.

Scorecard Projection Analysis

A situation is generated where the enterprise is given an opportunity to simulate their expenditure and type of beneficiary. An outline strength and weakness areas is applied in order to determine best practice in each BEE element on the Companies scorecard.


B.R.A.W is actively and consistently engaging with various Government departments for the utilization of the distin- guished BEE Procurement System which is a Multi-Management Procurement reporting tool.

Our services go beyond the typical offerings of file collation and standard verification preparation. We have incor- porated all services of compliance and offer a full range of comprehensive, in-depth analysis aimed at enhancing the client’s strategy towards Transformation.

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Proudly South African

B.R.A.W is proudly South African and not only supports but also encourages the utilization of locally manufactured goods and services. We furthermore commit ourselves to providing high quality services to our clients through the utilization of local goods and services.


BEE Status

B.R.A.W is a B-BBEE Status Level One Contributor, an Enterprise Development Category A Beneficiary with a procurement recognition of 135%.


    B.R.A.W Transformation Outsourcing (PTY) LTD resolution is to provide outsourced Transformation/B-BBEE solutions to all entities participating in the South African mainstream economy.


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